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Pyrotechnic Perfection

Pyroworks is a company born out of passion for fireworks. With the culture in the Philippines having deep roots in Fireworks, safety and technology lagged behind. Growing up it’s founder Brian Benjamin Lim was always fond of improving the fireworks that was available at that time. After a decade of improvements. His private fireworks shows became impressive enough to catch the attention of clients who offered to contract his services in providing unique and impressive fireworks shows. By the year 2000 Pyroworks was founded based on the premise that more spectacular yet safer shows would be what the market needs.


2000 -
In September of 2000. Pyroworks was first started, having been commissioned to do it’s first fireworks show in Bantayan Island Cebu. Then Shortly after for a wedding of the year in Shang Ri La & the biggest fireworks show in Mandaue, Cebu which lasted for close to 30mins!
2001 -
In 2001 Pyroworks expanded to more retail locations aside from it’s first retail branch at Gaisano Country Mall it also expanded to Mango Square Mall. It’s products known for its quality and good value was already gaining a good following.
2003 -

By 2003 Pyroworks started to make waves in the industry. With the use of it’s in house developed electronic firing system. Pyroworks was commissioned to do fireworks shows for SM Cebu, Cagayan and Ilox2 for their December celebrations.

2005 -

By 2005 Pyroworks came out with a bang! Having been commissioned by the South East Asian Games committee to do the opening & closing show. Pyroworks mesmerized the Cebu crowd with its impressive choreography and effects. Pyroworks at this time also pioneered the use of the digital firing system FireOne brought in from the U.S. the same technology used in the largest of displays.

2015 -
Pyroworks has been attending top international fireworks events for the last 15 years. Having attended international fireworks symposiums in Japan. Germany, Mexico, Malta, Portugal, France and fireworks competitions by the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) of which Pyroworks is also a U.S. licensed fireworks operator and member.


Rest assured your working with the best!

With a market that has a constant demand for innovation looking for the newest and most exciting things to showcase. Pyroworks thrives in this demanding environment always innovating, seeking out and pushing for the next level in pyrotechnic and entertainment technology and presentation. While adhering to strict safety protocols. Through our large international exposure, Pyroworks travels around the world for fireworks. We are able to bring the latest innovations to the local entertainment industry. Whether it’s the launching of the world largest malls or an intimate marriage proposal. Pyroworks likes to leave no attention to detail unturned while bring new and exciting things often never seen before.

    • Safe And Trusted Provider
    • 10 Years Experience
    • Internal and Local Clients
    • Guinness World Record Holder
    • Best In Pyromusical's
    • And many many more

We can provide a turn key and worry free solution at the best value. Don’t risk one of your most important Events. Go with a reputable, local and global-thinking partner. Choose Pyroworks International.

meet our staff

  • Brian Lim

    President - Brian’s love for fireworks has started at an early age. Growing up in San Diego, CA he would always get to witness the…

  • Robin Roles

    Marketing - Robin is the Director of marketing for Pyroworks in the Philippines and many other brands internationally. Also specialising in the Social Media sector. Robin helps…

Our advantages

Safety in terms of the Chemicals used to manufacture fireworks which are more reliable Traditional competitors continue to use potassium chlorate for aerial shells exclusively in the Philippines due to its lower price.  The materials utilized for the launching of fireworks varies in Cebu but our firm utilizes internationally accepted,  Fiber & HDPE. (High Density Polyethelyne) mortars.

Dynamics - fireworks traditionally in Cebu have been limited to approximately only 12 aerial shell types based on color, effect and pattern.  This limits an aerial display to often seen repetitive colors and effects thus making shows less entertaining and more repetitive.

Technology – Pyro-Works has several benefits over current competition in Cebu First, they do not use potassium chlorate.  Secondly, they can exhibit 72 aerial, shell type displays based on colors, effects, and pattern.  Third, the quality of implosion is superior to shells of equal size made here in the Philippines.  This means a Pyroworks 3” shell is known to burst larger than a 3” shell from current competitors.  Fourth, the aerial display is superior to current competition as effects can include multiple rings from one shell.  Fifth, the fireworks can be designed specifically to create images or letters in the air to create impressionable implosion shooting manual, electronic or computerized firing with or without music.  Lastly, in simple terms, Pyro-Works believes they offer clients a superior and safer product than traditional businesses have in the past.