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Cebu City Skyline Midnight 2016

Filmed By: Robin Roles / Magik Moments Located and shot from the highest point on top of Marco Polo Plaza, The rooftop we mounted a 360 camera along with a go pro, and time-lapse camera to capture the nye over the city of cebu. It truly was an amazing thing to see. The skyline of…
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Firework Safety – Be Safe!

The Pyro Technique The holidays are just around the corner! It’s that time of the year to paint the skies again! Fireworks, beautiful as they are, can be dangerous and must be handled carefully. Carelessness with fireworks can result in all kinds of accidents. As a household name for pyrotechnic perfection, Pyroworks would like to…
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Creating a Professional Fireworks Show

It's time for a celebration and what better way to celebrate a big event like the 4th of July, a grand opening to some new hotel, or a summer time celebration at an amusement park than with an awesome Fireworks show!We have all attended countless firework shows in our lifetimes and we sit down with our…
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Catch Our Shows 2016

Check out our shows this NEW YEAR! Marco Polo Cebu - December 31st 2015 Waterfront Hotel - December 31st 2015 Blue Waters - December 31st 2015 Montebello Hotel - December 31st 2015 Harolds Hotel - December 31st 2015 Kandaya - December 31st 2015 Badian Island resort - December 31st 2015 City Of Toledo - December…
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