President - Brian’s love for fireworks has started at an early age. Growing up in San Diego, CA he would always get to witness the fireworks shows of Disneyland, Seaworld and 4th of July Celebrations. During New Years he would be back home in Cebu, Philippines with their household perched in the mountains in Busay. He would be able to see all the fireworks lit up during Christmas and New Year in the city. This passion for fireworks led to coming up with the grandest he can put up for his family and friends come every New Years celebration. Until at one point he would be perfecting ways into launching thousands of rockets at a time and impressing his audiences with spectacular shows. So impressive that at one point he was offered to be paid to do a fireworks show for an anniversary event. Naturally he said yes and the rest is history! Brian also love technology and extreme sports. He is a triathlete and delves into electronic sports while helping run and manage the families businesses in the Salon and Educational industries.

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